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Bloodied Sakuras...


6 February 1987
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I'm a person that's under construction. I'm trying to find my way in life while trying to fin out who I am. I'm lost, I've been betrayed, I'm bitter but somewhat optimistic. I have a few friends and I can count how many friends I have on my hands :/... Here's what I DO know about me: I'm an ASIAN music fan (though I confess It's all mainly in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean though I have a bit of Vietnamese and Thai now) I have pretty eclectic tastes and enjoy doing lots of different things.... anything ranging form paintball to sewing XD... this is Friends only but I'm KIND of particular about whom I add or add back.... as long as we have common interests like MUSIC,movies, hobbies, etc, etc ^_^ comment to be added.... and I actually mean COMMENT &#%!#* I may read your lj and add you back even if you don't comment but I don't appreciate people not listening to me :/.